My Wine List for a Hot Sicilian Summer Day!

My Wine List for a Hot Sicilian Summer Day!

In Sicily, even mid September, can be really hot! What is the perfect wine to chill out on a Sicilian summer day?

The heat would suggest a wine that can be chilled to refresh the palat, like a white or a rosè. Surprisingly, even a light bodied red can be very enjoyable in the summer! My recommendation? Pair the wine with your food or mood!

Salads, seafood, finger food aperitif? Go for bubbles, a lightly sparkling or a crisp, fruity white wine. Do not chill with ice, freeze some white grapes and drop into the glass for the same result without watering down your good wine!

BBQ party? In the heat, I would avoid the heavy reds, choose instead a rosè or a red with light/medium body and lower alcohol content.

In the garden, admiring the wonderful view hand in hand with your beloved one, nothing better than a glass of a lightly oaked white to sip very, very slowly.

My choice? From our exclusive range, aperitif with the bubbles of the Prosit Rosè or the organic white MianoFor the BBQ, Vulkà Rosè or the organic and vegan light red Frappato. In the garden, an award winning Etna Bianco.