Extreme heat and Sicilian winemaking. Your

Extreme heat and Sicilian winemaking. Your "hot" questions answered.

Over the last few days in this 2023 very hot summer, we have been receiving a lot of questions about the extreme heat in Sicily, how we cope with this hot weather and the consequences in wine making.
The heat wave which hit Italy and other European countries with record breaking temperatures is the new reality of today.

In Sicily, we are familiar with high temperatures but this summer is particularly hot. Laura's family reports over 40°C, so it's very challenging to sleep, work or simply walk around the town.

What does extreme hot temperatures feel like? Imagine a hairdryer on full heat straight at you!

How to fight such heat? Air conditioning of course, drink lots of water and... take a splash in the Med at the weekend!

But, back to your concernes about extreme heat and wine making, here are some of your questions:

Q 1. Is this extreme heat wave going to compromise the harvest in Sicily?
Q 2. How the winemakers make sure the vines are in good health?
Q 3. Do you irrigate the vineyards?
Q 4. Is the wine going to taste good once made?

Tenuta Monte Gorna

Ok, don't panic! We are in regular contact with our winemakers and here is what they say.

1 & 2. Great heat is not new for the Sicilian cultivations, nevertheless the vines are checked every day until the the start of the harvest season at the end of August/early September. No great concerns have been reported but some distress on the vine may cause lower yields, which mean less grapes, so less wine.

3. For as strange as it sounds, the absence of irrigation - or so called dry farming techniques - is common for organic practice, as is the lack of chemical weeding. Only in extreme sofference of the vine, and on certain terroirs, watering would be considered.

4. The great experience of our winemakers guarantee excellent wine! Of course, every vintage is different and reflects what the gods send on earth. It is the ability of the winemaker to understand the land, its needs and act accordingly. In addition, to guarantee the best quality to our wine lovers, Raimonid's family tastes every vintage!