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How is my wine delivered to me?

We know that wine bottles are fragile so we take care to make sure that your wine arrives safely with you! We use packaging materials that are specifically deisnged to carry wine, and we work with a dedlicated courier, who in our humble opinion, is the best around for wine delivery!

Does my wine come from Sicily?

Yes! All of our wines are imported by us from wineries in Sicily - there are no middlemen involved! We ship our wines to the UK in small batches so that we have a good stock for our customers, without the delays that would happen if you were buying direct from Sicily.

Why don't you ship outwith mainland GB and Scottish Islands?

The costs of shipping wine from our base in Scotland to Northern Ireland are very expensive, and as a small independent business we are unable to absorb the costs. We continue to look for new solutions, but if you would like to discuss further then please get in touch.