Meet your Wine Tasting Panel - My Family!

Meet your Wine Tasting Panel - My Family!

Let me introduce your wine tasting panel: the Raimondi’s family! A clan of very bonded souls. One brother, three sisters, one sister-in-law, one brother-in-law and one gorgeous, smart nephew.

They may not be involved running our Bistro in Scone, but help us a lot discovering and tasting new wines. Their opinion and expertise is very important to find new products and flavours. If the wine is good for all of us, it is good to be added into our wine list!

We are passionate wine lovers, only the best wines deserve a La Sicilyana wine menu. The whole process is really simple! We spot a new label, prepare lunch (or dinner) and get ready for a long debate about the new wine. It’s truly a family affair!

The photos were taken in September 2020 at Cantine Nicosia in Trecastagni for La Sicilyana new wine brochure. It was an incredibly windy day, a real nightmare for the photographer, but the result is incredible. We were very happy at the end of the shooting but most of all, happy to be together after so many months apart because of Covid-19.

As any proper Italian family, at 1pm everything stopped because we were hungry! Cantine Nicosia has a great restaurant so we stayed and had a fabulous lunch, great laughs and, of course, good wine. On the table, Sicilian cheeses and charcuterie, typical aubergine parmigiana, homemade bread and much more. The wine? The new Lenza di Munti, their latest award winning product.

I regularly travel to Sicily to see them and to visit our numerous suppliers but the pandemic has dramatically changed the way we live and travelling is very difficult and unsafe. Our 2020 Christmas will be spent apart and this has been a heart breaking (but necessary) decision. I guess a Zoom Christmas is the only chance for this year thanks to modern technology!

So, when you enjoy our wines, think to the Raimondi’s family, passionate wine and food lovers.