Hooray! Welcoming Customers Indoors Again!

Hooray! Welcoming Customers Indoors Again!

What a journey, what a year! Finally, after months of isolation and uncertainty, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Government has finally announced the necessary steps for our industry to go back to normal asap. So, out of lockdown will go ahead as planned. Outdoor service has been permitted at hospitality venues across the country since April 12, pubs and restaurants in Scotland are allowed to reopen indoors from Monday May 17.  

For us, this is a very exciting and anxious moment. Our little Sicily has gone from being a lively place to briefly closing doors during the first lockdown, then transformed into a takeaway. The support of the people of Scone village has been incredible, without them it would have been a very different story!

During the last 14 months we did our very best to stay positive, never stop thinking of new ideas to keep our business very much alive. The result? Our new deli area in the Bistro, the online shop for wines and Italian products, the La Sicilyana App for your takeaways and the wee van finally branded!

But here we are, ready to welcome our customers again with a big smile and renewed enthsiasm! At this moment, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday our “little Sicily” is open for sitting in. We have been planning and preparing for this day with great improvements on the inside and outside of our Bistro.

Let’s live the authentic Italian “al fresco” experience. It may be a challenge travelling to Italy this summer, so we are doing our best to make everyone feel like on an Italian holiday (we can’t guarantee the weather tho…)
The outdoor space has a newly layed patio area and a bright red branded awning. The door entrace is now 
decorated and dressed with seasonal flowers, a real show stopper. Our food and wine will do the rest of the magic!

The Mediterranean feeling continues inside the Bistro with a new and beautiful wallpaper design of a lemon tree. The ideal setting for our vintage sofa (yes, it’s back!) to welcome intimate chats whilst enjoying your favourite coffee and wine in town. Our authentic and freshly made Italian food, our coffee, desserts and wines are ready to meet your palate! A presto!