How to Choose a Wine and Avoid Mistakes

How to Choose a Wine and Avoid Mistakes

The wine arranged in the supermarket shelves intimidates, all of us. Here a (wee) guide and some tricks to purchase with more confidence.

The first rule? Choose based on what you usually like. In short, the grape that you would always like to find on the table.

A basic guideline: the climate. The hotter the region of production, the more the wine tends to be sweet and fruity (and alcoholic). The colder it is, the harsher and more acidic it is. How is your geography?

The percentage of alcohol present in a wine must by law, always be indicated on the label. For richer and more complex wines, linger on the bottles with an alcohol content of 13% or more. For a drier and lighter wine, look for lower percentages.

Avoid bottles with generic names. Italy, France, Spain. Look for a more specific region, linked to a controlled and guaranteed denomination. Etna Rosso, Barbera d’Alba, Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC. Many wine-producing areas often have production regulations that regulate the winemaking process by ensuring a (more or less high) standard for the wine that shows the geographical indication on the label.

At La Sicilyana, we taste, import and sell great Sicilian wines, we love to help our customers with a personalised recommendation on our award winning range. It is so important to choose the perfect wine for a special occasion, a lovely gift or to simply pair with your food. We love to have a chat over our wines, it’s always great fun.